H&S / Fire Safety


It is important that you read the Squadron’s Fire Orders, which give detailed instructions on what to do in case of a fire. In short, a summary is provided:

  • Anyone discovering an outbreak of fire is to shout “FIRE FIRE FIRE” as loudly as possible and sound the alarm which is located to the right of the fire escape.

  • On hearing the fire alarm, you must leave the building by the nearest exit without running and assemble at the furthest point of the parade square.

  • Our building is made mainly of wood, so it is even more important to be vigilant, acting swiftly but safely to get out and away.



Everyone is responsible for Health & Safety. As a cadet, you must make sure that:

  • You report any danger.

  • You take care of yourself and others.

  • You use any equipment in the way that you have been trained.

  • You don’t use any equipment that you haven’t been trained on or are unsure about.

You can also help by:

  • Not placing any items in an area that will block fire exits or doorways.

  • Turn off equipment when not in use.

  • Know where your first aid kit is and who is a qualified First Aider*.

  • Know where the fire exits are and the location of the fire assembly point.


*All RAF Air Cadet personnel must have the minimum of Heartstart within their first 3 months of joining the organisation. However it is important that you know which staff and cadets you can go to if required.